What People Have Written About Kevin Geary’s Paris in Sepia Photos

These are gorgeous…..they have dynamite appeal.

Hester Diamond; Art Collector, New York.

I went to your site while I was in the lab doing my work, with the intent to look at "pictures". I had to stop, so I could get back to my work, otherwise, I fear I would have stared at your pictures for quite a long time. They are not pictures. They are frames of something that I can't know in a short time. There is something very intimate in some of the pictures, almost embarrassing, like asking myself, "Do they mind that I'm here?" Should I clear my throat (ahem!) just so they don't think they are COMPLETELY alone. Even the chairs and the courtyard I might ask, "Do you mind if I pass by?" I am not sure I can express what I am feeling when I see those lovely images. I need help with figuring it out. More pictures!! Take more pictures!!!

Lou Blazquez; Teacher, Flagstaff, Arizona.

I absolutely love them!

Joann Hartley; Aiken, South Carolina.

They're great!

Barbara Armstrong; Artist, New Mexico

I think they're very very good--as a group, they're excellent.

Patrick Houlihan; Former Director of the New York State Museum.

Your pictures make me want to go to Paris!

Nancy Morrow; Charleston, South Carolina.

Absolutely lovely. You've captured the aspect that is timeless about Paris.

Charlotte Ince; Artist, France.

I think you should print them and sell them. Lots of people would want these images. they certainly say "Paris" to me.

John Avedisian; Artist and teacher, Phoenix, Arizona.

I love the sepia. I have been to each place and it was wonderful to revisit. It seems like the photos reflect exactly what you remember and is profoundly giving a sense of place as if you are there again. I am incorporated in the photos with the people. They seem timeless.

Karen Weihs, Artist, North Carolina.

I'm very impressed .. you have a great eye for composition, dimensions and texture. I especially like the Cafe Chairs, Marais.

Yvonne Lumb, UN International Peacekeeper.

WOW! These are magnificent!

Sarah Barnum, California